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Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage

Ashiatsu is a deep tissue barefoot massage that is excellent at promoting circulation and relieving tight muscles. The words "deep tissue" may evoke a sense of pain for some people, but this massage is actually very relaxing. 

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Stress Relieving Circulatory Massage

What ever your reasons for getting relaxtion massages are; whether deep tissue is too much for your body to handle, or you just prefer relaxation styles, it doesn't matter. Even a light pressure massage can do wonders for stress relief, pain reduction and quality of sleep. 

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Deep Tissue Swedish Massage

Therapeutic massage is designed to help aid the body in dealing with acute and chronic pain. This style of massage is often used to decrease inflammation and adhesions (aka knots).

Holding Tummy


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable but massage can do wonders for promoting circulation, helping with achy pain and decreasing stress. We have multiple options for cushioning to ensure maximum comfort and safety while receiving treatment.

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"Lazy" Yoga, Stretching and Compression

 Ashi-Thai is a great way to get a full-body streching routine into your lifestyle. The therapist will compress, pull, stretch, and move your body to help increase circulation and improve range of motion and flexibility. 

Sarga Bodywork

Barefoot Therapeutic Myofascial Massage

Sarga Bodywork focuses on maintaining oblique and high-tack contact to facilitate a stretch response in the fascia associated with muscles. This helps hydrate the tissues while creating length to increase movement and decrease pain.


Please print and bring completed form(s) to your first appointment. Thank you!

Prices and co-insurances/co-pays vary based on length of treatment, insurance carrier and benefit package. Treatments range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Please call for details.